Practical Funding Solutions for Early Stage Companies

K3 is a specialized advisory group designed for early stage companies seeking capital. K3 stands out by providing a different and more modern approach to the capital raising process that is most suitable for emerging companies.

K3 believes that the overwhelming majority of smaller businesses are simply unaware or unfamiliar with a multitude of fundraising options to take their company to the next level or undertake a prominent expansion strategy. And despite the fact that these companies typically hold tremendous value, this unfamiliarity often leads them into poor avenues for investment capital and/or growth strategies.




  • Familiarize you with the changes to the capital raising landscape
  • Understand how to make your company more appealing for investment
  • Learn about alternative funding options
  • Update investor material
  • Rehearse / critique pitch
  • Create online profiles if necessary
  • Create best-fit capital structure for your deal
  • Identify most relevant funding groups
  • Orchestrate relationships and submission process
  • Assist in negotiation process to deal close