Practical Fundraising Solutions for Early Stage Companies

The Fundraising Struggle
Let’s be real. No matter how you look at it, raising capital is an uphill battle that typically results in frustration and exhaustion. That struggle can be infinitely more difficult if your pursuit is filled with misplaced efforts such as talking to the wrong people, not structuring an attractive deal, or not even being aware of all the options available.

At K3, we have designed our process to address the fundamentals of a deal right up front and quickly position a company for the fundraising journey. Focusing on HOW you should look and WHO you should be talking to, we can streamline the effort to mitigate the frustrations and get you connected to funding sources applicable to your offering.
Who We Are
K3 is a specialized business services and advisory partner and for early stage companies seeking to expand in a meaningful way. We designed K3 to be a straight-forward solution for such companies by taking a proactive role in the front end of the capital raising process and preparing companies to effectively interface with the investment community.

With our intimate knowledge of the markets and an established network of institutional / organized capital sources, K3 can make an immediate impact on a company’s fundraising efforts.

Although K3 has experience in numerous sectors, we tend to focus on companies in technology (software, mobile, internet), healthcare, agriculture, industrial / manufacturing, and consumer markets.

What We Do

K3 specifically addresses the capital concerns of early stage companies and offers a comprehensive, systematic process to aid in this journey from preparation to funding close.




  • Familiarize you with the capital raising landscape
  • Understand how to make your company more appealing for investment
  • Learn about alternative funding options

  • Update investor material
  • Rehearse / critique pitch
  • Create online profiles if necessary
  • Create best-fit capital structure for your deal

  • Identify most relevant funding groups
  • Orchestrate introductions to key decision makers
  • Assist in negotiation process to deal close
No Contingencies


K3 does not take commissions or success fees of any kind. We also do not mandate any equity stakes.
From our process to our comp structure to our overall objectives, K3 stands apart from nearly all other groups in the investment banking sector. We are very "user-friendly" and always have a company's best interests and long-term goals on the forefront of our efforts. Here are some of the ways we differ from traditional fundraising groups:
Non Exclusive
We do not act as the "middleman" - we connect you directly with the funding source and do not interfere with the relationship if it progresses. You are also free to pursue your own funding efforts if you so choose.
The motive behind our structure is to eventually work with valuable companies on a long-term basis, so we do not want to interfere with cash flows or be parasitic to their growth in any way. After the initial fundraising process, we seek to position ourselves within a company and earn small portions of equity (<5%) through various efforts such as orchestrating a growth strategy, business development, M&A, or simply seeking the next round of funding. This kind of engagement occurs on a voluntary basis from the company and is not contingent upon funding.